Renovation and repairs

We can repair and renovate anything. As long as it is on a train.

At RL Components, we have a large international network of wholesalers and workshops to draw upon. Therefore, we can often find components that would otherwise no longer be available. In addition, we can usually deliver significantly faster than via the usual sales channels.

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Specialists in train technology

Do you have a task with specific requirements for technology, software or delivery time?

At RL Components we are specialists in train technology and nothing else. We supply components and accessories, carry out repairs and renovations, develop new components and edit software.

Here you will meet some of Europe’s most experienced consultants and mechanics. We possess extensive technical insight and have a large international network. Therefore we can offer the fastest delivery and response times. And for that reason we can solve the tasks that others say no to.

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We handle DELLNER’s interests in Denmark

As DELLNER business partner and distributor, we handle DELLNER’s interests in Denmark. This will shorten the distance from customer to supplier and back again.

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