Independent and impartial business partner. We can help with analyses, troubleshooting and technical solutions.

As a train operator, one often faces complex technical decisions which affect day-to-day operations, the operating economy and agility far into the future. At the same time, the decisions require insight into a wide range of technical areas and functions on the train – often all at once.

At RL Components, we offer advice and courses on train technology and peer-to-peer training directly on the train – also on issues spanning the technical, financial and operational aspects. 

We have no special agreements with manufacturers or suppliers, and can therefore provide independent and impartial assistance with any problems.

Our experienced train technicians provide troubleshooting and conduct repairs at various workshops in Europe as part of long-term agreements or in the event of acute problems.

We can therefore assume responsibility for complex analyses, solutions and troubleshooting on the train either at the workshop or via our hotline.