Complete overhaul of engines from all train types with all kinds of damage!


We often receive engines at RL Components that are in extremely bad condition, with severe damage to the engine block and internal parts.

We are able to renovate virtually all types of train engines and have reconditioned a number from IC4 trains, among others, having damage to engine blocks and internal parts. A Vector V8 train engine with a broken crankshaft.


Upon receipt we completely disassemble the engine in order to repair damaged parts wherever possible. Otherwise we buy new ones.

We then reassemble the engine and test it on our test bench. We perform a full-load performance test corresponding to the engine being mounted on a train. This means we can be assured of delivering a fully functional engine back to the customer.

Finally, we paint the engine in its original colour, apply preservative, mount it on a specially designed engine rack and send it back to the customer.